Founded in 2015 as a proceedings of the First Humanities Student Conference at Utrecht University, Junctions: Graduate Journal of the Humanities is the Utrecht University’s Graduate School of Humanities graduate research journal, providing students with the opportunity to disseminate their research to a diverse audience of peers and professionals, as well as providing graduate students with relevant practical experience of organizing and maintaining a peer-reviewed open access journal.

Junctions aims to connect the different disciplines of the Humanities by collecting disciplinary and interdisciplinary texts so that they are accessible to readers from across the Humanities. This gives you the opportunity to gain publishing, editing and reviewing experience which will be important in your future career. Therefore, everyone who submits their article to Junctions will get feedback from our reviewers and if your work is selected for publication, the editors will guide you through the different stages of editing in order to produce a professional article to begin your academic CV. As such, submitting to Junctions is an opportunity for you to learn about the publishing process and for your work to reach an audience outside of your discipline and peer group.