Time for a Junctions update!

Hello everyone,

Time for a Junctions update! Our Call for Papers is out and the submissions have begun rolling in! I’m not at liberty to say the exact number, but l can tell you that we are all very pleased with the response so far. Article and book review submissions will continue to be accepted through May 9th, 2016, which is right around the corner, so don’t delay!

Our ranks continue to change as we bring in new editorial board members and reviewers to properly reflect the diverse disciplines falling within the Humanities. History, Comparative Lit, Media & Performance, Philosophy & Religion, Gender & Ethnicity, and Linguistics are all represented and we remain on the lookout for any Musicology students interested in joining us! Send us a message if that sounds like you!

Plans have already begun for our first issue release party which will be part of the opening festivities for the 2016-2017 Utrecht University school year. September is still a bit far off, but it’s nice to have that reward in mind as we do the hard work of putting together a journal from scratch. At the moment, that hard work is focused on setting up guidelines for our reviewers and authors and developing the topic for our second issue (no small feat for an interdisciplinary journal!) Junctions is a collaborative endeavor and we always appreciate input from our humanities colleagues, so if you have any theme ideas, please let us know! Otherwise, just keep on submitting those articles and book reviews!

All the best,

Nicolás López Coombs

Managing Editor

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