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We did it!! Welcome to the inaugural issue of Junctions: Graduate Journal of the Humanities, an open source peer-reviewed academic graduate journal published twice yearly. Junctions aims to serve as a forum for multi- and interdisciplinary discussions across the Humanities, providing graduate students with the opportunity to disseminate their research to a diverse audience of peers and scholars. Often, the papers we write in our research master will only be read by our professors, save for a proofreading by a peer. With Junctions we aim in each issue to bring together a wide range of articles showcasing the diversity of the Humanities, and to guide our authors to make their work accessible to a broad scholarly audience within the Humanities.

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You can download our new CfP here.

But first some background: Junctions started out as a small idea, but has always had big ambitions: to set up a journal run by and for graduate students to provide a stepping-stone for graduate students and doctoral candidates to take their first steps towards publishing their academic work and to learn about the academic publishing process. The first seed was planted during the conclusion of the First Humanities Student Conference at Utrecht University, The Netherlands in January 2015. After many enthusiastic responses from students and faculty alike, and numbers of meetings with the Graduate School of Humanities at Utrecht University, the idea of launching a graduate journal started to become more concrete. Now, eighteen months and many hours of work later, we are proud to present to you the fruit of our labors: the first issue of Junctions.

As Editors-in-Chief, we would like to thank the authors for the hard work and time they dedicated to this journal. We are honoured to be able to publish this first issue with your fantastic articles. Furthermore, we would like to thank all the members of the Editorial Board and all the peer reviewers for their time and efforts in shaping the issue. Without you there would be no journal. Lastly, this journal is the product of extensive conversations with numerous Humanities scholars from Utrecht University. Therefore, the Editors would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Educational Directors and the following scholars in particular: prof. dr. Bert van den Brink, prof. dr. Frank Kessler, prof. dr. Maarten Prak, prof. dr. Oscar Gelderblom, prof. dr. Berteke Waaldijk, dr. Nanna Verhoeff, and dr. Vincent Crone, as well as prof. dr. Floris Cohen, prof. dr Kiene Brillenburg Wurth, prof. dr. Frank Wijnen and dr. Christoph Baumgartner, for the faith they expressed in our endeavour and the support they lend us along the way.

Els Woudstra and Stephanie de Smale


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