Volume 3, Issue 1: “Sensing Encounters, Encountering Senses”

Welcome to the first issue of the third year of Junctions, Sensing Encounters, Encountering Senses!

With a mysterious cover image, we want to seduce you into this issue of Junctions, in which we encounter senses, and make sense of encounters. The image shows two hands appearing through the fog, reaching out to touch a see-through surface. The silhouettes of the people belonging to those hands seem to seek a sense of orientation. The image invites us to wonder what it would be like on the other side of the fog, which visualises a boundary between the known and the unknown. Not knowing what lies ahead, they reach out their hands, desperately trying to feel what is near but cannot be seen.

By David Rosen

It is through our senses that we can make sense of the unknown, a process that has often been of interest to scholars from a variety of disciplines. With this issue, we explore the various ways the senses, and the process of sense-making, are approached across the humanities. With the theme “Sensing Encounters, Encountering Senses” we invited authors to analyze different ways of knowing the world. The articles in this issue invite readers to reflect on the way in which various senses are used and valued, and how they bring about different encounters and senses of belonging.

As many who have experienced academic publishing will understand, this issue was made possible through constant communication and stamina of all involved. From the inception of the issue to the copy-editing of accepted papers, it took a village to coordinate, over a dozen to peer review and a dedicated group of copy editors who so diligently and patiently combed through accepted papers. A warm thank you to the contributing authors, the editors, and the anonymous peer reviewers who made the making of this issue a rewarding experience.

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