Volume 3, Issue 2: “Borders and Migrations”

Welcome to Issue 2 of the 3rd volume of Junctions, Borders and Migrations.

For this issue, Junctions collaborated closely with the Utrecht Humanities Graduate Conference ‘Conceptual Crossroads: Rethinking Paradigms of Borders and Migration’, held at Utrecht University on March 23, 2018. Proved fruitful in the past, we were enthusiastic to continue this collaboration as to further establish Junctions as the publishing platform of the Graduate School of the Humanities. The current special issue on ‘Borders and Migrations’ followed from this conference, although the call was open for all submissions. As our title points to, Junctions is located in the intersections, crossings, or indeed, “junctions” of various humanities disciplines. As such Junctions questions the borders within the humanities and social science. Likewise, we invited scholars to conceptualize, contextualize, and to contest notions of borders and migration, leading to this current special issue that both maps and questions contemporary boundary-making processes.

We would like to thank the authors for the hard work and time they dedicated to this journal. We are honored to bring your various excellent contributions together in this issue. Furthermore, we would like to thank all the members of the editorial board and the peer reviewers for taking their time in making and shaping this issue. Lastly, we are grateful for the input and support of numerous scholars from the Humanities Faculty at Utrecht University. We would like to thank the Board of Educational Directors, the Graduate School of the Humanities, and the following scholars in particular: prof. dr. Ted Sanders, prof. dr. Kiene Brillenburg, prof. dr. Floris Cohen, prof. dr. Oscar Gelderblom, prof. dr. Frank Kessler, prof. dr. Berteke Waaldijk, and prof. dr. Frank Wijnen for the faith expressed in our endeavor and their support along the way. We hope you will enjoy the boundary breaking potential of this issue as much as we do.

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