Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of Junctions: Graduate Journal of the Humanities is entirely staffed by students who fulfil the central roles of editing and design. The Graduate School of Humanities supports their efforts, and an advisory board assists the student editorial board with institutional issues if needed.

Review Committee

Jasper Bongers, Josephine Boult, Gisela Carrasco-Miro, Alyssa Gabriele, Francesca Hooft, Michael Klenk, Sjors Martens, Abigail Maynard Chrisman, Max van Midde, Wouter Oomen, Annelise Reid, Eline Tabak, Evelyn Wan, Melvin Wevers, Els Woudstra

Previous Board Members

Els Woudstra, Nicolás López Coomb, Hélène Phoa, Milou Wery, Robyn Berghof, Christian Sancto, Maranke Wieringa, Louise Autar.