Submission Guidelines

We invite graduate students from all disciplines in the Humanities to submit:

  • Articles of 3.500-5.000 words, theoretical, empirical, or interpretative in nature.
  • Book reviews of 750-1.500 words.

Authors are asked to submit a digital copy of the complete manuscript, using the template provided on the website and observing the conventions of the journal, to editor[at] We ask that articles are not submitted as .pdf files, but as .docx or equivalent working files.

After submission, the editors will read the manuscript and decide whether it can be sent to two anonymous reviewers. If deemed necessary by the editors, the manuscript may be returned to the author with request for corrections and clarifications. If the manuscript is satisfactory, it will be peer reviewed by two anonymous reviewers. The two anonymous peer reviewers can recommend the Editors to accept the article, to ask the author to resubmit with minor revisions, resubmit with major revisions, or to reject the article. In the case of extremely divergent recommendations (e.g. one peer reviewer wants to immediately accept the manuscript whereas the other wants to reject it) the opinion of a third reviewer is asked.

Junctions does not consider manuscripts previously published by or simultaneously submitted to other publication venues.

Please submit articles using the template provided by Junctions, and make sure you confirm to our guidelines for authors.